About us

In every Back2Bag bag, the soul of a car lives on. It is brought to life with the characteristic designs of various recycled car interior elements, such as airbags, leather and textile seat covers, and seatbelts. This way, each and every piece of our selection has its own unique story. If you believe in the reincarnation of spare parts, and you love the environment, Back2Bag bags are for you. Choose the piece that fits your everyday life the best to continue its adventures on your shoulder. All Back2Bag bags have the potential to be the unique design element among your accessories. Be it a sporty, casual or even a special occasion outfit, these bags add a special kick to your final appearance. Moreover, we designed each piece to support entertainment functions on the road. You don’t have to open your Back2Bag bag just to charge your phone or to lead your headphone wires out of the bag to listen to music. They give you the option of blending in with the treadmill of life or to take the first step on the road of a new, unique style. The choice is yours.