Instruction manual

We design Back2Bag’s products for long-time use wherever you’ll go. But for their endurance, your efforts are needed too therefor it’s important to read carefully about the caring methods that the material of your bag requires. (For example, ecause the air bag part is washable vainly, if it’s made with real leather details, you can’t wash it in a washing machine.)


Products of Back2Bag are made of the materials (or their combination) written below. Related instructions for your bag are highlighted:

If the surface of your leather bag is barely stained, you have to clean it with a soft, dry cloth or soft brush. Never wash your bag in washing machine if it has real leather surfaces because it will go to ruin!

Faux leather:
Dirt and stains on faux leather can be removed with a soft cloth and lukewarm water. Dry it (far from radiating heat) then polish it with another dry soft cloth. Never wash your bag in washing machine if it has faux leather surfaces either because it will go to ruin! 

If your bag is made of tapestry or tapestry and air bag mixture, you can wash it washing machine on 40°C. 

Seat belt:
A main part of our bags is seatbelt which is made for durability therefor feel free to wash it in washing machine. 


This is a textile similar to polished leather. Slight dirt can be removed with soft brush or dry cloth, or with a vacuum cleaner. If you have to deal with a bigger stain, use damp, white cleaning cloth or sponge. 

If you bag is made from airbag in 100%, you can wash it in washing machine in 40°C but don’t put other clothes, bags or shoes besides.

Now, after you have explored how to extend the lifetime of your bag, please keep it in mind that caring precisely is your liability, because:

Defaults caused by wrong use or harsh care (ripping, discoloration, abrasion) will release us from the product warranty (repair or product change).

A few tips for avoiding damages:

  • Don’t drag the zip!
  • Avoid fire!
  • If you clean it, close the zip for longer endurance!

Back2Bag products are made from strong, hardly tearable materials. But if you notice any damage or alteration, please send it us as soon as you can, so we can take the further steps for the healing, before it gets worse.